County Chronicle Update: Categories

I recently had the idea of using the categories on WordPress to my advantage and theming my posts on the County Chronicle Community Media project. I have created the categories ‘Visit Leicester’ where I will be exploring interesting venues, bars, among other places and writing quick reviews of what I found, I will also be using this as a way to recommend places to visit in Leicester to people reading the blogs who may not be familiar with Leicester or may be interested in visiting a new place.
The second category I have created is ‘Leicester Locals’ which I will be using to write information about interesting people from Leicester or with roots in Leicester in hopes of giving these people a place to speak about their interests and thoughts whether through interviews or hopefully through working with County Chronicle to write their own blog posts to share on our site as ‘guest bloggers’. I am hoping that by doing this I can encourage people from Leicestershire to join in with our Community Media project, County Chronicle and hopefully my other group members can persuade their friends to join in too.
I have recently posted a review of Leicester bar 33cankstreet, where I discussed their history and how the bar is based on the idea of community. This is because 33cankstreet gets its name from The Cank Well which used to be the place people of Leicester would meet up to gossip. The idea of this is being the heart of a community in which people meet to chat and gossip and I like the idea that 33cankstreet uses this in their name to promote themselves as a place to meet and catch up with friends.

Blog post on County Chronicle – Visit Leicester: 33cankstreet