Interview with Big Bear Illustrated on County Chronicle

I have recently posted an interview with local artist, Big Bear Illustrated. I decided to do this after my interview with southafricansketchgirl received great feedback on Facebook. You can read my interview with southafricansketchgirl here.

I discussed very similar topics with both artists and I focused on asking about their views on the Leicester art community. It was interesting for me, because I found that both artists had different views on the presence of the art community of Leicester.
Big Bear Illustrated felt that the Leicester art community is thriving and is of an impressive size as it stretches all the way through Leicestershire. I personally feel as though this is much in thanks to Instagram.

Before the interview, I spoke with Big Bear Illustrated to ask if he would be comfortable with a video interview, as this is something I was keen to try, unfortunately he felt he would be more comfortable answering questions and me then writing the interview out. I hope to complete a filmed interview in the future for my blog.

Read my interview with Big Bear Illustrated on County Chronicle.
Leicester Locals: Big Bear Illustrated.